We Are on a Mission to Empower Your Creative Side.

Life is short. We often find ourselves stuck in the same outfit routines day in and day out; the same suits, the same shirts, the same shoes and the same socks. Here at Zockz, we believe that everyone is creative and everyone deserves the opportunity to express their creativity. It starts from the ground up with the perfect pair of socks to go with your outfit. Socks have always been a mundane part of outfits serving a singular purpose, to protect your feet. We believe that socks are a lot more than that. They are a glimpse of your personality, whether it's a fun yet classy argyle like the Summer Hues Socks or wild and daring like the Gouldian Finch Socks
From bold and colourful argyles to socks with moustaches all over them in support of "Movember", our socks are designed to be fun, wild, bold, funky and immensely comfortable to wear. In fact, our socks are made using the softest combed cotton with hand-stitched toes for the flawless finish. We use the perfect 80:17:3 ratio of cotton to nylon and spandex to ensure that the socks are not only breathable and last a long time but also stretch and fit comfortably. Our socks invite compliments so start getting used to it! Be bold. Be brave. Empower your creative side.

Front page photo features our La Moustache Grise socks & the Saltire watch from Valachio.